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I see myself inside of yer mind. Can you see inside of my mind? You live inside of my mind. Can you see through my vacant eyes?
Never Wake 03:12
Blood boils in me when I'm searching for a colder day to run and hide in, drop me into the deepest vacancy. I want to show you how I've learned to deal with my life. I want to show you nothing is ever alright. Pressure builds inside of me, I need to tell you everything. Most nights I wish to fall asleep and never awake. Show me the way you choose to feel so full inside I want to know how it feels to truly enjoy being alive.
Humyn Dream 03:11
Plant my feet onto the ground. I can see around. Send my roots deep down to the rotten ground. Seven plys under my feet. Feel the wind beneath me. Theres no telling. What I'll do next. What I'll do in sorrow. Theres no telling. Send my roots deep down into the rotten ground. Send my roots deep down into the rotten ground. Show my head around. Crack my head off the ground. Send my roots deep down.
A.C.A.B. 00:49
Scum of the Earth Wasting All Life Gangs of Cowards Too Scared to Fight Uniform of Shit Brain of Trash Life of Shit Life of Trash A.C.A.B.
Extinction 02:17
Your planet is dying. save it from extinction your planet is heaving. your planet is drowning in flesh your planet is shaking your planet breathes its last breath your planet screams out in death your planet blames you your planets cancer is you your planet is dying your planet breathes its last breath. extinction.
Im living a lie. Im hating my mind. I battle to stay alive. A child that wanted to die. An adult that wants to die. An adult that wants to stay alive. Why do I want to die? Why do I want to stay alive?
Torture, greed and the rest. Empty souls wishing they'd left. Chained to the lost and broken. Sold out to live for death. Sold in supermarkets. To weak and insane humyns. The product is a life. Their life is yer product. The product is sold on lies. Their life is stolen with the lies. You support their death. You fall for the lies.
Fine Line 03:35
Come Watch me heave. Watch fluid pour out from me. Watch me shake and scream. Let me die at yer feet. Breathe in rancid air for me. Blow it back into me. Stand back and watch me, slowly hanging from the ceiling. Let me rot away inside. I've displayed my feeble mind. You brush it off in front of the fine line, between my life and death. Roll your eyes and sigh. You've heard it all before. You've seen me close to the finest line.
Wake For Me 03:21
Wait for me my pleasant dream. I want to hide inside your face. Wake for me never again. I can't live another day in yer place. Inside of me my pleasant dream. I promise to stay by yer side. If yer with me pleasant dream I'll feel like I am living life. Waiting for a brighter day to shine my eyes. Waiting for the ground to crumble and leave you and I. Every night I sleep in my wake with you by my side. Everyday when I awake I have you in my eyes. Along with you my pleasant dream, we break away into the night. Discard the feelings that I feel when I'm awake in the light. Take yer hand and disappear never to be seen again. Hang our heads together and we can start over again.
Wrap yer hands around my neck. Squeeze until theres no life left. Squeeze my eyes until I bleed. Squeeze me out from my own seam. Hold until blood flows from every hole in my body. Squeeze until theres no life left. Squeeze the life out of me.
Wishing for the sky to fall, straight down and crush us all. Hoping for the worst of my world, chew me up spit me out Screaming at the black night sky, I want a world that wont die Take me down, squeeze me out. Make sure my eyes are full of hell. Take all of me out of this world. Sick to death of the world. I'm sick of life. Im sick of Death. I'm sick of life, all my regrets. Breathing down my neck. Pressures on to be the best. Choking me. No more feeling. I cant see my breath. The coldest of lives living inside of us, My room is full of dust. Choking me. Taking me. I hope the sky is falling. Sick of the world. Sick of the world. Sick of the world. Sick of the world.


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releases April 24, 2037

Everything - King Rat




Flesh Cloud Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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